Television Framing of the Scottish Referendum is a research project examining how the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign was framed in the news coverage of the two main television channels catering for audiences in Central Scotland, BBC Scotland and STV. Framing here means the way this coverage addressed the question ‘what is the referendum about?’

The study analyses Scottish news and current affairs coverage referring to the referendum in the final month of the campaign, identifies a range of frames emerging from the coverage and measures which of them were more prominent. The project also explores how alternative frames (or ways of understanding what the decision was about) were created in the interaction between journalists, media organisations and their sources during the campaign.

Its aim is to deliver insights into the role of the news media in framing referendum campaigns and identify what can be learnt from the Scottish case that might be applicable in other campaigns in different contexts.

The project will also create opportunities for stakeholders to discuss how broadcasting contributes to the democratic process, through the way it defines referendum issues. Forthcoming events will be announced on the Events page.

Television Framing of the Scottish Referendum is kindly funded by an ESRC Future Research Leaders grant.

Researcher: Dr Marina Dekavalla, University of Stirling